4 Types of Abdominal Pain and What You Can Do

4 Types of Abdominal Pain and What You Can Do

Even though you’re probably very familiar with the abdomen you’ve been living with your whole life, sometimes it can wreak havoc on your well-being and leave you a little confused in trying to describe not only the type of pain you’re experiencing, but the location of the pain, as well. You see, most medical professionals, including those that provide care at an emergency room near you, divide the anatomy of the abdomen into four regions. Keep reading to learn more about these regions and how you can best explain your symptoms when visiting an emergency room in Lumberton.

Identifying the Four Quadrants of Your Abdomen

Your abdomen contains more than just your stomach. It’s also home to your liver, appendix, pancreas, intestines, and more – and they all reside in the area between your chest and your pelvis. With that much at stake, it makes good sense to know what quadrant houses what body part. The four key areas of the abdomen are known as:

  • Upper abdomen
  • Lower abdomen
  • Right side of the abdomen
  • Left side of the abdomen

A very efficient way to help a medical professional at an ER in Lumberton is to start identifying the parts of your abdomen with the above naming convention.

Why Communication About Your Abdominal Pain is Important

In addition to being able to identify the part of your abdomen that is distressed, it’s also important that you use communication to clearly describe the type of pain or discomfort you’re experiencing. When medical professionals hear you use words like “cramping,” or a “stabbing sensation,” they’re able to move toward a diagnosis quicker than they would without the labeling technique.

As an Example: What Discomfort in the Various Quadrants Might Signal

  • Upper Abdominal Pain is often a signal that your body is experiencing something as simple as trapped gas, or more extreme like a heart attack, acid reflux, or a stomach ulcer.
  • Lower Abdominal Pain is often a signal that your body is experiencing menstrual pain, a urinary tract infection, constipation, or more. You should seek urgent care in Lumberton is the pain radiates to your sides or lower back.
  • Right Side Abdominal Pain is often a signal that you may have gallstones – especially if accompanied by yellowing of the skin and whites of the eyes – or an inflamed appendix. Either way, immediate medical care is recommended.
  • Left Side Abdominal Pain is often a signal of diverticulitis or kidney stones. Keep in mind that your kidneys are located on both sides of your abdomen, so pain on your right side could also be a result of this condition.

In Summary

While abdominal pain that gradually gets worse can be a sign of several different conditions, if you have sudden severe pain that spreads across your abdomen, you should seek emergency care.

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