About Altus ER Lumberton

Altus Emergency Room in Lumberton

Altus Emergency Room in Lumberton

We are dedicated to delivering our patients the finest medical service with great convenience and low costs. Altus Emergency Center in Lumberton is the central hub of the Altus Emergency Center group of excellent freestanding ER care facilities. Altus Emergency Center is an award-winning facility, located right here in Lumberton. We aim to provide the best service at the most reasonable prices. Unlike urgent care facilities, we are able to handle any emergency, and we also have diagnostic tools and a laboratory on-site so that diagnosis and treatment are as swift as possible. We make it a point to give our patients immediate access to the most up-to-date medical treatments with the added bonus of convenient hours, expert professional teams, and the shortest wait possible for medical emergencies.

Above and Beyond the ER

Most ERs have long wait times and staffs that are overwhelmed with patients. Altus Emergency Center exceeds expectations by providing a top-notch ER in the Lumberton, TX area and helping the community cope with any emergency situation quickly and efficiently. Our Lumberton ER strives to improve the area by drawing attention to the need for charitable donations for those affected by recent floods, providing support for research, and spreading awareness about medical issues, including cancer. Our mission statement makes it clear we are dedicated to helping patients in their time of need while also promoting healthcare awareness and boosting community wellness. Altus Emergency Center in Lumberton is proud to be a member of the wonderful Lumberton community.

Providing Affordable Access to a Fully-Equipped Facility

Like our other Altus Emergency Centers, the Altus Emergency Center in Lumberton could not provide high-quality healthcare without its team of highly experienced medical experts, including board-certified physicians, qualified nurses, and expertly trained technicians. The Altus Emergency Center in Lumberton provides access to state-of-the-art diagnostics, including ultrasounds, x-rays, CT scans, and a full-service diagnostic lab. Open 24/7, Altus Health Emergency Center, is also open holidays. We are happy to be able to provide first-class emergency care to the people of Lumberton, Texas.

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