About Us

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About Us

Altus Lumberton first opened its doors in December of 2013 as the most advanced Emergency Center in the area. After years of service and continued growth, we are now the Hardin county branch of the state of the art Altus Hospital.  Altus Lumberton Hospital continues to be the main headquarters of the Altus Emergency Center group and will continue to uphold its mission of providing the best emergency care to all patients with onsite cutting edge emergency medical technology, in-house ER Physicians, and in-house billing including a patient advocate.

Our Commitment to the Community

“It is our responsibility to not only care for the residents in their hour of urgency but to educate and promote good health habits to prevent accidents and health.”

In the course of these years servicing this lovely community, we have come to know and love each of its members. We think and treat our patients like family because that is what we have become. We continuously strive to enrich the lives of those we serve. From donations to flood victims, the promotion of healthier lifestyles and cancer awareness drives, our organization, including our dedicated doctors, nurses, technicians, and administrative staff, is passionate about helping our community.

Our Purpose Statement

To serve the members of our community, family, and friends by providing an ideal family-oriented environment that results in a superior patient experience based on a sense of comfort and better health. By doing this, we help further our organization’s goal of providing our patients with a higher standard of patient care, surpassing that of our competitors, and increasing our presence in the communities we serve.

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Altus Hospital Care and Services

It is this passion that led to the decision to extend the services of our Lumberton emergency center. As Hospital, we can now expand our services to include:

  • In-Patient Care (Overnight Stays)
  • 24/7 Emergency Care With No Lines
  • In-House Local Certified Doctors
  • Imaging Center (CT Scan and X-Ray) Now Available to Referral Patients
  • Pediatric Focused Rooms
  • Patient Advocate
  • On-Site Clinical Laboratory
  • Excellent ER Technology Available 24/7