Aging and Vision Problems

Aging and Vision Problems

It is no secret that as we age, things don’t work as well as they used to. Your vision is one of those things. Aging has a slow but noticeable effect on the eyes. Many people show up to the ER near me when they notice that their vision is all of a sudden different in some way. Often, these differences are due to aging. Still, whenever you have something that you believe is affecting your vision, you should stop by the 24 hr emergency room near me. The eyes provide the precious gift of sight, and when compromised, it’s very traumatic for folks of all ages.

Vision Conditions Associated with Aging

Several conditions that affect your vision are associated with aging. Understanding them allows you to know when you may be in the early stages, and often when that’s the case, the problem can be addressed successfully.


When the lens of the eye becomes cloudy, it is known as a classic cataract. The lens is where the eye processes and shapes light; therefore, it is important for the lens to be clear into the black pupil. Cataract surgery is very safe and is often covered by Medicare.

Macular Degeneration

Your macula helps you see fine details in different items – think of the different parts of a flower petal. As it degenerates, your vision straight ahead will not be proper, but your peripheral vision will not change. Lots of different items help people with macular degeneration, and they usually involve magnification.


This disorder is characterized by a rise in pressure inside the eye. As the pressure rises, your vision’s effectiveness diminishes. Glaucoma starts slowly. First, the peripheral vision will go, and eventually, it will take the entire vision in the eye. The good news is early detection has great results. Taking eye drops for the rest of your life will save your vision from this horrible disease.


Age-related vision issues are nothing new, and the good news is they’re usually solvable. If you’re worried about your vision, get to a facility right away that can diagnose and help you deal with the underlying issue.

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