Broken Bones: When To Go To The Emergency Room

Broken Bones: When To Go To The Emergency Room

Although it would seem like common sense to go to an emergency room in Lumberton when you or a family member experience a broken or fractured bone, there are a lot of people who believe these types of injuries don’t need treatment from a 24-hr emergency room near me when they happen. The best advice is that if an injury of any type seems severe, it’s better to have it medically examined at an ER in 77657 opposed to using treatment methods obtained by searching the internet. But since you’ve landed on this page as a source of information, following you will find an overview of bone breaks and bone fractures that require care from an emergency room in 77657.

Two Basic Types of Physical Bone Injury

Although there are a number of different fractures that can occur – which we’ll get to in a minute – every bone fracture will fall into one of two categories: a compound fracture or a simple fracture. What’s the difference between the two? A compound fracture involves a broken bone that penetrates through the skin of the injured individual, whereas a simple fracture does not penetrate the skin of the injured and is usually diagnosed through a CT Scan or an X-ray. As you can imagine, a compound fracture is much more severe since it opens the possibility for bleeding and infection. For this reason, urgent care in Lumberton is recommended to treat the break and stave off infection. In the case of a simple fracture, emergency care is also recommended since the exact diagnosis of the injury will require specialized equipment like that found at Altus Emergency Care.

Most Common Types of Fractures

Many types of fractures can occur, but the most common are known as transverse fractures, spiral fractures, and oblique fractures. A different kind of fracture called a greenstick fracture, are only found in children.

Treatments for Fractures in Lumberton

Although treatment protocol will vary depending on the type and location of the injury, the five most common treatments are a splint, a cast, surgery, and bone alignment. In some cases, when the fracture is to a part of the body that can heal on its own – such as a ribcage – pain medication may be prescribed while the injury heals on its own.

It’s Never Too Late for Urgent Care

Even if your injury happened a few days ago and you think it’s too late to receive treatment, it’s not. And if your injury was the result of an automobile accident or the result of someone else’s neglect, having a medical diagnosis and treatment plan from Altus Emergency Center will provide the documentation you’ll need to demonstrate proof of injury.

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