Don’t Ignore a Cold

Don’t Ignore a Cold

While it’s pretty common for most people to consider a cold as nothing more than a nuisance, the reality is that the symptoms should not be ignored. Why? Because what may seem to be simple cold symptoms to you may in fact prove to be the sign of something more serious that could result in the search for an “ER near me” as a result.

Ever-Returning Cold Symptoms Signal the Need for Urgent Care in 77657

One of the first signs that you may need professional medical attention is if your symptoms go away but keep coming back. In many instances, this is a signal that your immune system has been compromised and your cold has now advanced to more serious illnesses such as pneumonia or strep throat.

The Average Life-Span of the Common Cold

On average, cold symptoms should not last more than four days. In many ways, cold symptoms mimic flu symptoms. If you have symptoms for more than four days, you may not have a cold but may have the flu instead. If you do have the flu, you should see a doctor who will prescribe the best approach for relief and recovery.

Colds Can Be Bothersome…But They Shouldn’t Result in Extreme Headaches

Severe headaches are not a typical symptom of the average cold. If you’re experiencing a headache along with your cold symptoms, you may want to seek professional care from an emergency center in Lumberton since the headache could be a sign of a more serious sinus condition or a condition known as meningitis.

When There’s a Fever

A high fever is not a symptom of the average cold that can be treated with at-home care alone. If you’re experiencing a temperature of 101 degrees or higher along with your other symptoms, it’s your body signaling that it needs serious medical attention. When a high fever is left untreated, it can lead to much more serious complications, including death.

More Than a Nuisance

It’s almost universally agreed that colds can be a nuisance. But more than that, if you have a cold that concerns you in other ways, it’s always a good idea to seek medical advice from an urgent care center near you.

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