Help Treat Your Child’s Cold and Cough

Help Treat Your Child’s Cold and Cough

Listening to your child cough from their cold can be unsettling for any parent. In some cases, the coughing may become so extreme that it prompts them to search for an ER near me or an emergency room in Lumberton to find relief. Although your child’s persistent cough may indeed be a signal to seek emergency care in Lumberton, TX, following are some tips to help you treat a cold and cough at home.

Liquids are Critically Important in Times Like These

Just as you’re told as an adult to make sure you have enough liquid each day, the same holds true for your little one. Although they may not make a request for liquids on their own, encourage them to drink as much water or electrolyte infused beverages as possible.

Colds Can Create Drainage in the Throat

Try to keep your child’s head elevated when they are sleeping or napping. This helps control the amount of drainage that will occur. If your child is under the age of 1, do not place pillows in their crib – your priority should be safe sleep. If the coughing grows to a point of concern, you should seek advice from an urgent care facility such as Altus Emergency Center in Lumberton.

A Teaspoon of Honey Can Help

You know that honey is good for adult coughs and colds, and the same is true for children. It shouldn’t be difficult to get your child to swallow the honey since it’s like liquid candy to them!

Make Sure the Cough and Cold Stays Contained

Practicing good hygiene is always important, but in the case of a sick child, it becomes even more important. Remember that washing hands with soap and water is a number one priority, as well as changing your child’s sheets and wiping down their toys.

Wondering if Your Child Needs Emergency Care in Lumberton?

Although each situation will be different, the best advice is that if you believe your child needs urgent care, then you should by all means act on that parental instinct. If that’s not enough for you to go on, two hard and fast guidelines are a yellow or green drainage from your child’s nose, or your child’s refusal to drink liquids.

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