Patient Advocates Working for You

Even with the best possible care, sometimes patients need another person on their side. That’s where our patient advocates step in. These compassionate individuals work diligently to make sure your experience with Altus Emergency Center is the best medical experience in Lumberton. Even after you’ve been discharged, our advocates continue to work tirelessly to make sure you have nothing to worry about except getting better!

What are Patient Advocates?

Patient advocates are members of the Altus Health team that are your personal support group during your ER visit, from check-in until the last bill is marked paid. These hardworking individuals will not only help you communicate with Altus Emergency Center team members, but they are also on your side in the unfortunate event that your insurer gives you problems.

Patient advocates are the lifeline of our network. They communicate between patients, medical professionals, and insurance providers so that you feel like you have a voice.

What Can a Patient Advocate Do for You?

Think of your patient advocate as a one-stop answer shop. They can help you address issues with the care you receive, help you if a problem comes up after discharge, provide information about your patient rights, and help you deal with insurance companies so that you get the best possible benefits.

The Real Job Begins After Your Visit

Our most important job as patient advocates is to make sure that patients receive a fair and transparent bill. Our advocates look over your insurer’s Explanation of Benefits (EOB) and make certain that you receive the highest possible compensation for your medical care.

In instances where the provider makes a mistake, or there is an oversight, our advocates will make certain that the claim is appealed and corrected. Although this might take over three months, our advocates will continue to monitor your case to make sure the appeal is settled once and for all. Through constant communication, our advocates will be your voice.

Advocates can also assist with payment plans, financing, and hardship options for patients facing uncertain financial difficulties. In all of these cases, our patient advocates want to be certain that patients focus on their health, not their wealth.

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