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    Richelle Blackburn

    Vice President of Operations

    Over the last twelve years, Richelle Blackburn has become one of the many pillars of Altus Health. She embodies professional excellence with an accomplished career in healthcare management spanning three decades.

    She joined the Altus family in June of 2012 as Regional Administrative Assistant. She was then promoted to Administrator. Her latest professional achievement and the most significant in her eyes is becoming our Vicepresident of Operations, where she is responsible for overseeing the operations and administrative duties of all Altus ER facilities and Altus Lumberton Hospital.

    Mrs. Blackburn believes that outstanding service can only be possible if you value and nurture employees. Based on this, she strives to show appreciation and encourages everyone at our organization to strive to become the best version of themselves in both their professional and personal lives.

    Her calm, reassuring and positive demeanor makes her one of the most beloved members of our senior management. She likes to stop and listen to both patients and staff to understand their points of view and concerns and develop comprehensive solutions to improve patient and staff experience in our facilities.

    She received her degree in Associate Degree in Criminal Justice from Lamar University. While attending Lamar, Richelle worked part-time in a medical office, and it was here that she realized she was happiest while helping those in need. This realization led her to further her studies and become a Certified Medical Coder, Certified Insurance Specialist, and Certified Medical Manager.

    Family is at the center of Richelle’s life. She has four sisters, including her twin, with whom she has a special bond, often finishing each other’s thoughts.

    She enjoys traveling and spending time with friends and family. Richelle currently lives in Netherland, TX, with her daughter Sunnie.

    Richelle Blackburn

    Degree: ADCJ, Certified in Medical Coding and Practice Management

    Areas of Expertise: Development, Management & Acquisitions.

    Experience: 30 years in healthcare management and ten years with Altus Health.


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