Cardiology in Lumberton, TX

When those first signs of a heart attack hit you, accurate and quick diagnosis with treatment will make a difference in life and death. Every second counts, and here at Altus Emergency Center, we give the best emergency care for cardiology in Lumberton because we are here 24/7 with the emergency cardiology care you need.

We have board certified doctors and nurses who have been certified in ACLS – Advanced Cardiac Life Support as well as trauma care and emergency nursing and an expert cardiologist near you.

If you start to experience what you think is a cardiac emergency, you can have EMS transport you to Altus Emergency Center to get the proper emergency cardiac care. Our goal at Altus Emergency Center is to diagnose your cardiac issue quick and accurately. Know where we are located before you experience such an emergency.

Due to significant changes in treatment, the people who are suffering from a heart attack or some other acute coronary syndrome have a real potential of limiting or completely avoiding heart muscle damage if they can get the right medical attention and treatment as soon as possible.

At Altus Emergency Center for cardiology in 77657, once we have verified that you are having an acute coronary syndrome or a heart attack, our first goal in treating this emergency is to open the blocked artery quickly. This will help restore the flow of blood to your heart muscle and prevent any heart muscle damage.

It will minimize the damage to your heart muscle and preserve your hearts pumping function. Delaying this blood flow can cause irreversible heart muscle damage and reduce the force with which your heart pumps to what heart muscle you have left.

If blood flow can be restored within four to six hours after the heart attack or within 90 minutes from the patient’s entry into the ER until they undergo their procedure restoring blood flow, it is best for the heart muscle.

The best direct method to open a blocked artery is by immediate cardiac catheterization and angioplasty or possibly a stent.

Remember, time is muscle.

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