Full Diagnostics Laboratory in Lumberton, TX

At Altus Emergency Center, we provide the highest level of emergency care in Lumberton, Texas. Having an on site full diagnostics laboratory in Lumberton, TX is a critical element that allows us to manage the needs of each patient visiting us more efficiently.

A full diagnostics laboratory is distinguished by the high priority of their processing, reporting, and analyzing, as they serve as a discriminating tool in the triage area of the emergency room, instead of a diagnostic tool. A competent lab is considered one of the essentials required for the success of any emergency center. The lab reports should be back to your physician and provided to you within a matter of minutes so that the emergency room staff can manage the medical emergencies.

Rapid turnaround time for the lab is looked at as one of its best quality indicators. To meet both objectives of the Altus Emergency Center department and still contribute to its success, the emergency room labs must apply procedures and principles that set them apart from the hospital central lab. The shift from a centralized to a decentralized lab located near the emergency department helps allow continuous workflow and will benefit the patient first and foremost. Optimal utilization of the laboratory testing contributes significantly to the overall quality and the efficiency of the lab services. The lab tests in the emergency room are usually ordered to confirm or refute this working diagnosis that has been diagnosed after their physical exam.

Altus Emergency Center aims to rationalize requests, reduce unnecessary testing, decrease costs, as well as improving patient care. Ordering practices utilized among the doctors in the Altus Emergency Center are assessed on a continuous basis. Consequently, there are various administrative and educational interventions which are performed, and there is a constant effort to improve the communications between the laboratory and clinicians.

When you weigh every point mentioned, it is a win-win for everyone involved when you have a full diagnostic laboratory in 77657 close at hand for your patient, because you know that you will have the results you need at your bedside for your physician to review and let you know how you are doing.

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