Imaging Services in Lumberton, TX

At Altus Emergency Center, we provide the best emergency care in Lumberton and can offer Imaging Services around the clock, 7 days a week. Our imaging services in Lumberton, Tx are staffed in all areas by registered technologists, and they are under the supervision of a board-certified radiologist.

Altus Emergency Center’s imaging services uses PACS, (Picture Archiving and Communication System), so they can be a virtual imaging center that will allow the exams to be viewed by radiologists at a distant location where there are specialists in body imaging, neurology, interventional radiology, cardiothoracic imaging, Nuclear Medicine, musculoskeletal imaging, PET/CT, breast imaging, and pediatric imaging.

Types of Imaging and X-Rays

Regular X-Rays (diagnostic imaging) don’t require any scheduling. All other x-rays will be scheduled through Central Scheduling.

CT Scans use x-rays for creating images to represent slices of the body. They are called cross-section images. CT scans can be used to either diagnose or to follow infection, tumors, cysts, inflammation, back problems, bleeding, and many, many other abnormalities and disorders. The cross-sectional image produces pictures that can demonstrate conditions that will not show up on a conventional X-rays. The results from the CT-scans might help determine your diagnosis for the best course of treatment.

Interventional Radiology will use CT, fluoroscopy, and ultrasound to perform the minimally invasive procedures needed. IR radiologists/physicians have the expertise to guide small needles or catheters if needed into your body through little cuts to treat or diagnose disease. Recovery time will be much quicker with IR than it is with conventional surgery.

The (MRI) magnetic resonance imaging is a scanner that creates images that makes representative slices through your body without using an X-ray. The MRI uses a mighty, yet safe, magnet with radio waves much like those that transmit the FM radio stations.

The combination of the radio waves and the magnetic field will be utilized to make images of your body structures that include your spine, brain, abdominal organs, pelvic organs, joints, and blood vessels. The MRI scans can be used to help diagnose strokes, joint problems, arterial diseases, diagnose tumors, back problems, and other abnormalities and disorders.

The images that are produced might show the conditions that won’t show up on X-ray exams. The results might be helpful in determining your diagnosis and your best course of treatment.

Mammograms have been found to be the most effective tool to diagnose breast cancer. Mammograms can be used for early detection before a woman can even feel a lump or used as a diagnostic tool for women who have had nipple discharge or pain or found a lump.

Nuclear Medicine is also a part of Imaging Services in 77657 that utilize gamma rays to help in evaluating and diagnosing medical conditions. It uses small amounts of radioactive materials known as radioisotopes that are swallowed, inhaled, or injected through an IV. Those radioisotopes will travel through the section the doctor wants to be examined, and it will emit energy in the shape of gamma rays. Then with a specific computer and camera, the gamma rays create the images.

Ultrasounds depend on sound waves to produce the images representing the slices through your body. There is no radiation used in ultrasound imaging. The sound waves being used are not those that the human ear can hear. The sound waves themselves are made by the ultrasound machine and sent inside the body by using the transducer. The sound is reflected, like an echo. The echo will return to the transducer and then converted to an image.

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