Injuries & Illnesses in Lumberton, TX

Any time there is a medical emergency, it can be scary, stressful, and frightening. Sometimes you are not quite sure what you should be doing. It is a good idea that everyone plans for emergencies in the event of an unexpected injury or illness. At Altus Emergency Center, we can provide the best Emergency Care for injuries & illnesses in 77657.

It is crucial for you to be able to recognize the signs and symptoms of a medical emergency. Correctly interpreting and taking the right action at the right time could save the life of one of your loved ones or even your own.

Many individuals encounter these symptoms and signs of an emergency, but because they are afraid, they may not seek the care they need right away. For most emergencies, time is life, and delays can mean death or irreparable, permanent damage.

Emergency room doctors feel it is the responsibility of every individual to know or recognize what the warning signs are of some medical emergencies such as:

  • Weird or unusual abdominal pain
  • Homicidal or suicidal thoughts
  • Vomiting or coughing up blood
  • Persistent or severe diarrhea or vomiting
  • Uncontrolled bleeding
  • Any severe or sudden pain
  • Difficulty walking, strange behavior, confusion or mental status changes
  • Difficulty speaking
  • Vision changes
  • Weakness, sudden dizziness, fainting
  • Upper abdominal or chest pain or a pressure in that location lasting more than two minutes
  • Shortness of breath, difficulty breathing

If you have answered yes to any of the above questions, it is possible you are talking about someone experiencing a medical emergency.

Ask yourself these important questions:

  • Do you think the person’s condition seems to be life-threatening?
  • Does it seem the person’s present condition could get worse and change to be life-threatening on the way to the hospital?
  • Can you move this person without causing them further problems?
  • Does this person need the skills from an emergency medical team?
  • If you are going to drive this person to the emergency room, do you know the location and how to get there the quickest?
  • If you drive to the hospital, know the location and the fastest route to the nearest emergency department at Altus Emergency Center, as we provide the best emergency care for injuries & illnesses in Lumberton.
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