New Telecardiology Partners

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New Telecardiology Partners

Always seeking to deliver the very best available care

As a patient-centered hospital, we are always seeking out to better serve the needs of the patient.  For this reason, we are happy to introduce you to our new telecardiology partners.  Get to know more about our Telecardiology Partner Services and what it means to you:

  • The Benefits of the Telecardiology Partners Services
  • The Doctors
  •  What to Expect

As a patient-centered hospital, it is our mission to ensure that you have immediate access to the best fast, knowledgeable, efficient medical care the moment that you step into Altus Lumberton Hospital.

New Telecardiology Partners of Altus Lumberton Hospital

Benefits of our Telecardiology Services

The following are the benefits that our new Telecardiology Partners services mean to you:

  • Consult with local cardiologist using state of the art technology
  • Next day in-office appointment available
  • Experienced multidisciplinary cardiology team
  • Stay close to home for follow-up care
  • The most up to date guidelines from cardiologists

Meet the Cardiology Experts

When you get treated at Altus Lumberton Hospital, you may qualify for access to the cardiology experts of Southeast Texas.  We’re happy to partner with Rodolfo P. Sotolongo, M.D., FACC, FSCAI and Paris P. Bransford, M.D., both renowned doctors from the Southeast Texas Cardiology Associates.
Telecardiology Partners

Our mission is to provide the residents of Lumberton and nearby towns with the best quality hospital and ER care in a cutting-edge facility close to home.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Telecardiology Services

The ER or attending physician orders the consult. The Altus staff then communicate and schedule the consult time with the cardiology group. A consent is obtained from the patient to utilize the telecardiology platform. The NP or Cardiologist will have reviewed the patients visit and diagnostics prior to the consult. When it is time for the consult a nurse will come to the bedside with the computer and camera.