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Patient Advocates

With our patient advocates, you have someone who will help to guide and advise you on your options as a patient throughout the entire treatment process!

Affordable Access & Care

Our emergency care services are the best around, and they are also affordable! We want everyone to have access to the treatment that they need.

Board-Certified & ER Trained

We are staffed with experienced doctors who are board-certified and ER Trained! Whenever you come through our doors, you know you are in great hands!

Multiple Locations

Not in the area, but still need emergency care? We have several locations, all open 24/7, so we can be available to you at any time and place!

About Home Lumberton

Altus Emergency Room in Lumberton, TX

On behalf of Altus Emergency Centers, welcome to our emergency room in Lumberton! True to the mission created by the Altus tradition, we will give you the prompt and top-notch service we have built our reputation on, even receiving A+ ratings from the Department of State Health Services when conducting surprise inspections. Not only does the emergency room in 77657 focus on the patients coming through our doors, but it also focuses on the community by giving back in any way possible, whether through donations for flood victims and promoting cancer awareness!

Emergency Room Near You

No matter what your emergency is, you can get the comprehensive medical care you need at Altus Emergency Room in Lumberton, TX. Our mission is to provide patients with immediate care and attention as well as friendly and high-quality medical services. We have the technology to make sure that your health needs are met, and you are as comfortable as possible. When you visit Altus ER, you are being taken care of by the most highly experienced medical professionals in the area. If you consider your situation a true emergency, then visit Altus Emergency Room near you to get prompt treatment.

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ER Vs Urgent Care

Many patients frequently ask us about the differences between our emergency center and the urgent care clinics in Lumberton. There are several key differences between these two facilities. For example, our emergency center is fully equipped with on-site lab and imaging services that are usually not available at urgent care facilities. And unlike urgent care clinics in Lumberton, we are conveniently open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are there to serve you whenever you may need. Patients also experience little to no wait time with us. If you need emergency care outside of Lumberton, you can find Altus Emergency Center in several other locations as well. If you have any additional questions, please let us know. We are happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

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Affordable Access & Care
Board-Certified & ER Trained
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Little to No Wait Time
Multiple Locations
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Open 24/7
Patient Advocates
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