December Employee Spotlight 2022 – Nathan Willis

December Spotlight Nathan Willis
December Employee Spotlight 2022 Celebrating the Achievements of Nathan Willis! This month we wanted to highlight the extraordinary career of Nathan Willis, our Regional Director of Facilities Management. The role of a director of facilities management is complex and touches most aspects of our work environment. For example, it’s Nathan’s…

September Employee Spotlight 2022

September Employee Spotlight 2022
September Employee Spotlight 2022 Get to Know Our Recent Altus Employee Spotlight In September, get to know our recent employee spotlights on Stacey Wright and Kendall Williams. The purpose of the Altus Lumberton Hospital September Employee Spotlight 2022 is to thank our exemplary staff for their noble contribution to our…

Our Billing Department is Evolving!

Altus Staff picture
Exciting News, Our Billing Department is Evolving! The ability to adapt to an ever-changing landscape is a clear indicator of excellence. As such, at Altus, we continuously strive to improve our processes and make necessary structural changes so we can continue to offer the best service to our valued patients.…

Employee Highlight Katie Lucas, Credentialing Department

Employee Highlight Katie Lucas
Employee Highlight – Katie Lucas, the Heart of Our Credentialing Department When patients visit one of our facilities, they trust us to ensure our staff is qualified and dully licensed to practice medicine and that the doctor or nurse taking care of them is the best at what they do.…

Never Fear a Surprise Bill Again!

man surprised by a medical bill
Never Fear a Surprise Bill Again! As the new year rolls in, the “No Surprises Act” consumer protection law will go into effect. This legislation bans most unexpected medical charges from out-of-network providers. At Altus Emergency Centers, we are thrilled about this news and applaud lawmakers’ efforts to protect patients…

Altus Lumberton Hospital Scholarship 2022

Altus Gives logo with group of students
Altus Lumberton Hospital Scholarship 2022 Altus Lumberton Hospital is happy to announce our new scholarship! The program will benefit eligible local applicants who wish to pursue a career in healthcare.   Scholarship Awards Altus Lumberton Hospital will award a total of $2000 in scholarships as a one-time payment. Please read…

Warning COVID-19 Misinformation Could Kill You

Dr. Goffi - Altus
Warning COVID-19 Misinformation Could Kill You Misinformation is at the center of news media these days, and with good reason. Unscrupulous people are using social media platforms to spread false information regarding the COVID-19 illness, the vaccine, and even the need for medical treatment. The problem has now reached the…

Employee Spotlight Lauren Frazier, Regional Director of QI/Risk

Altus Employee Spotlight - Lauren Frazier
Employee Spotlight Lauren Frazier, Regional Director of QI/Risk Tradition is beautiful, especially when it’s about uplifting incredible people from our communities that truly deserve it.  In honor of the wonderful tradition that we have established at Altus, today we are honored to take the time to spotlight Lauren Frazier, the Regional…