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Patient Advocate

Our Patient Advocate department plays an essential role in delivering quality medical care and creating a positive patient experience.

Patient Advocate has a pivotal role in the healthcare system as it helps provide peace of mind to patients and their families.

A Patient Advocate is someone who:

  • Provides Patient Support
  • Champions Patient’s Rights
  • Speaks on Behalf of the Patient or Their Families
  • Helps Patients Navigate the Complex and Confusing Landscape of Health Insurance Plans
  • Guides Patients in How to Best Deal with Their Insurer


The members of our Patient Advocate Department are extraordinary people. They are caring, compassionate, and charismatic. They are here to assist you and your family navigate through all the complicated aspects of your visit to our hospital. Additionally, our Patient Advocate will work closely with our doctors and nurses and help you cut through the red tape of insurance companies and maximize your benefits.

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Patient Advocate Duties

The role of a Patient Advocate is extensive as they can assist in almost any administrative process. Some examples of how you can benefit from our Patient Advocate include:

  • Help resolve grievances and complaints relating to our services
  • Assistance during a crisis
  • Facilitate communication between patients, family members, and doctors Inform patients of their rights
  • File insurance claims
  • Mediate and resolve disputes with your insurance provider
  • Explaining patient rights, filing claims, and resolving conflicts are the areas where Patient Advocate can provide the most help.

Patient Advocate Takes the Hassel Out of The Billing Process

After receiving treatment at our hospital, the job our Patient Advocate continues. They review all EOB (Explanation of Benefits) sent by insurance companies in response to the claims we have filed on behalf of patients. The review process helps us ensure the patient receives all the benefits they were entitled to.

In cases where the insurance company denies patients the coverage they deserve, our team of experts can help you file an appeal. We will always work to ensure our patients receive fair and honest treatment from their insurance providers.

During the appeal process which can take up to 90 days, our team of experts will follow due process with regular follow-ups. Additionally, we will make sure you receive updates as to the status of your appeal. Our Patient Advocate Department can also assist patients with financial arrangements, hardships, and assistance.